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Our Authentic Southern Glass Bottle Trees are built in the south, by hand, one at a time!
We then ship them all across the United States!
If you would prefer to place your order by phone, please call us at 352-341-0003. 
We will gladly combine shipping on multiple bottle trees to save you money on the shipping charges!
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We appreciate your business! Thank you!

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unruly-bottle-tree.jpg The Unruly Bottle Tree Price: $74.95 The Unruly Bottle Tree
Average rating:
The Unruly Tree just won't conform to "Normal". It grows any way that it want too! It doesn't feel the peer pressure to grow like "normal" trees. With an attitude like this, we don't know why it's one of our more popular bottle trees!
You may add on multiple branches below by selecting them as a separate option.
conservative.jpg The Conservative Tree Price: $59.95 The Conservative Tree
Average rating:
The "Conservative Tree" holds 19 bottles and stands about 46" above ground once it is planted. It's a smaller tree and comes in one piece. It's branches are evenly placed and go from large to small.
This Tree can have extra length and/or extra branches. To add branches select it from the accessories below.
poppy-bottle-tree.JPG The Poppy Bottle Tree Price: $79.95 The Poppy Bottle Tree
Average rating:
WOW! The Poppy Bottle Tree is really popular too! No wonder....look at how pretty it is! It holds 25 bottles! It comes in two pieces and stands about 6 feet high when planted! Shape its pretty branches any way you want!!
You may add on branches below by selecting them as a separate option. This way you can select how many branches you want to add.
Show-Off-Tree.jpg The Show Off Price: $84.95
The name says it all! This tree thinks it's bigger and better than all the other trees in the forest! It spreads itself out as if to say, "Look at Me". Some might get the opinion that it's a snob. We don't think so. But we do think it's just a bit pretentious. It holds 25 bottles, comes in two pieces and stands about 6 feet high when planted!
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rebar.jpg Add On Branches Price: $2.75

You can add more branches onto several of our bottle trees!  You can order extra branches on every tree except The Show Off.  That's because it's loaded already! The $2.75 added fee includes the shipping, so you won't pay any extra for the extra weight of the "add on branches" to be shipped to you!

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rebar.jpg Add On Length for Bottle Trees Price: $12.00
Make your tree taller! Take any two-piece tree we offer and make it almost 2 feet taller! The price of $12.00 includes the shipping even with the heavier weight of the package!
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