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The Conservative Tree Price: $64.95 The Conservative Tree
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The "Conservative Bottle Tree" is for those of us who like even, organized and neat looking things. 
It stands about 46" above ground once it is “planted” and has even branches that go from large to small.
Holds 19 bottles and comes in one piece.

The Conservative is a shorter tree and comes in one piece.
Its bigger cousins are The Large Conservative and The Ultimate Conservative.


Comes in one piece.
Bending/shaping pipe Included.
Free Hanging Blue Bottle Gift Included!
Free "No Evil Spirits" Sticker Included!
Sandblasted and Painted Brown!
Bottles not included.

The Conservative Tree
Average rating:
8 reviews

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Featured positive reviews:

The Conservative Tree
Two delightful trees!05/15/2015
By Elizabeth Eley
With help from family and friends, we assembled quite a collection of blue and green bottles! After studying the options, we decided that drilling all those holes in a 4" x 4" post wouldn't really be a lot of fun. The Authentic Southern Glass Bottle Trees look great and the free shipping was great!

I chose the Show-Off and the Conservative, using blue and green for both trees. Bending the branches to the desired angle was easy and my husband dug the holes and set the posts in concrete. I have all sorts of wine bottles, some Glenlivet Scotch, Courvoisier, Martini and Rossi Vermouth, Budweiser Platinum beer, and both Heineken and Dos Equis. Also a few decorative or commemorative bottles. We have some very good friends and family who were willing to consume all those spirits, wouldn't you say?
The Conservative Tree
conservative tree12/27/2014
By Linda Gifford
I purchased this as a gift for my daughter and son-in-law. They were so surprised when they saw whst it was! It is not yet planted but we took it from the box and checked it out. It seems well built and is painted and sturdy. We cant wait to see it completed. In fact, I want one and will be ordering for myself in the near future.
also thank you for the quick shipping. Awesome!
The Conservative Tree
Conservative Tree08/02/2017
By Cheryl Miller
My tree arrived in excellent condition with plenty of instructions.
While it was shorter than I thought (because I can't read did say 46 inches) it is darling and filled with blue bottles as we speak. I love it and have had several guests who have complimented and commented (men) on it. Thank you for good service and an excellent product.
The Conservative Tree
By Erinn
I purchased this as a Christmas gift for my parents, who had been looking for a sturdier design than what was available locally. It was everything they wanted, and looks fabulous with their red bottles.We are all very pleased with the high quality, and the shipping/delivery was amazingly quick.
The Conservative Tree
By Sherry Dove
I have the Unruly, the Wannabe, and the Conservative trees in my yard, and they are all truly amazing. I get compliments galore on them. All three are made tough, easy to "plant," and shipping was incredibly fast! I adore all of my Cubby's trees!
The Conservative Tree
Fast and easy12/07/2014
By Marcia Fehl
I could not believe how quickly my Bottle Tree arrived after it was ordered. The quality of workmanship was super and it was very easy to install. It brightens up the winter landscape in my garden.
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