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Accessories - Add on Parts for your Bottle Trees

What makes our trees stand out is not only strength and durability, but they are also Flexible.

Customizing your tree is as easy as 123.

First choose your bottle tree and then you can choose some of our other options ! Choosing to make your two-piece bottle tree taller will make your bottle tree TWO feet taller!  You can add extra branches to most of our trees! Some of our trees are to "full" to add branches!

You've got choices when you buy a Cubby's Bottle Tree!  
We like blue bottles! Blue bottles are associated with "healing".  But you can use any color you like for your bottle tree!


rebar.jpg Add On Branches Price: $2.75 Be the first one to write a review

You can add more branches onto several of our bottle trees!  You can order extra branches on every tree except The Show Off.  That's because it's loaded already! The $2.75 added fee includes the shipping, so you won't pay any extra for the extra weight of the "add on branches" to be shipped to you!

rebar.jpg Add On Length for Bottle Trees Price: $12.00 Add On Length for Bottle Trees
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Make your tree taller! Take any two-piece tree we offer and make it almost 2 feet taller! The price of $12.00 includes the shipping even with the heavier weight of the package! This offer is only good during your initial order. Bases ordered after your initial purchase are $21.50
Brown Powder Coated Tree Powder Coating Price: $40.00 Be the first one to write a review
We'll paint your Bottle Tree Brown for you automatically! However we do offer Powder Coating! Powder Coating is a "Baked On" finish that will protect your tree for years to come! If you'd like to protect your bottle tree against rust you can add Powder Coating as an option!
coming-soon.jpg Bottle Tree Stand Price: $65.00 Be the first one to write a review
Stand your bottle tree anywhere inside! This is a custom welded stand my by us with the same quality as our bottle trees!
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